Center for Engineering Education Affiliated Faculty

Ron Miller, (Chemical Engineering) Director
Vince Kuo (Physics) Associate Director

Gary Baughman (Special Programs & Continuing Ed.)
Tom Boyd (Geophysics)
Tracy Camp (Mathematical & Computer Sciences)
Lisa Dunn (Library)
Tom Furtak (Physics)
Robert King (Engineering)
Robert Knecht (EPICS)
Frank Kowalski (Physics)
Susan Kowalski (Physics)
Debra Lasich (Women in Science, Engineering & Math)
Jon Leydens (Liberal Arts & International Studies)
Juan Lucena (Liberal Arts & International Studies)
Jim McNeil (Physics)
Jennifer Miskimins (Petroleum Engineering)
Carl Mitcham (Liberal Arts & International Studies)
Mike Mooney (Engineering)
Barbara Moskal (Mathematical and Computer Sciences)
Dave Munoz (Engineering)
Barbara Olds (Educational Innovation)
Pat Kohl (Physics)
  Todd Ruskell (Physics)
Arthur Sacks (Liberal Arts & International Studies)
Paul Santi (Geology and Geological Engineering)
Marcelo Simoes (Engineering)
Catherine Skokan (Engineering)
Dendy Sloan (Chemical Engineering)
Candy Sulzbach (Engineering)